Less Than 2 Months to My First Race!

I am still getting the swing of remembering to blog and I forgot something important this week! I have less than two months until my first race! I posted this on Instagram a couple days ago:

Less Than 2 Months Until Knotts Coaster Run

Part of my motivation last fall to get into shape was entering a race. I selected the Knotts Berry Farm Coaster Run 10k as my first race. I am very excited and totally terrified at the same time. I am still working my way up to even doing 6 miles at once. However, my husband and I did hike over 10.5 miles at the Grand Canyon in November, so I think I’ll survive.

My wonderful husband will be there to support me, as well as eat my pie 🙂

The race is March 8, 2015 at Knotts Berry Farm. Want to join? Register here! Don’t want to run? A cheering section is always welcome!

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