I Miss Sandwiches

It’s been a great week or so already of 2015! I am back to my pre-Christmas weight AND I have lost 1 pound! I got in a 3 really great workouts and a ton of other walking. I have a goal for miles I want to walk this year so I am determined to get up and walk each day. So far, I am making good progress!

This week I saw some friends I had not seen in a few weeks, and everyone noticed a difference. It was very encouraging!

joey friends shower sandwich

The struggle is growing though… The longer I stay disciplined, the better my husband’s sandwiches look. I sure do miss sandwiches. I think Joey Tribbiani and I have a great deal in common. I’m thinking a sandwich is a lovely, tasty reward. Maybe for say, 15 more pounds?

I started my strength routine again this week. These arms of mine are too flabby. Time to tone them!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and support so far! It really means a lot and is a great help.

Did I miss anything?

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