Hydration! Apparently It Matters (Duh)

What a weekend! I completed just shy of a 10K on Saturday (6.1 miles) and did rather well! I also learned quite a bit. I am impressed with myself and proud that I managed to keep my average pace at 14:15 per mile, even with several hills on my walk/run. I finished in 1:26:58 which has me looking good for the real thing. My miles were under 14:00 for the first three, and then the hills came. They did quite a number on me!

Hydration: Folks it’s a serious matter. Nathan Trail Mix 4 Hydration Belt I did not bring enough water for myself and I learned at that distance I could really use a Gatorade as well. After some research on the matter, I purchased the Nathan Trail Mix 4 Hydration Belt pictured on the right. (Click the image for more information.) It took some time to decide how many bottles I wanted, however when the price difference wasn’t too significant to get 4 over 2, I went with 4 bottles.

I usually do not eat before working out, however I know now I will need to make time before the 10K for some grub. Anyone have recommendations for what and when? I’ve read anywhere from an hour to two hours before the race, as well as suggestions such as a bagel and peanut butter or oatmeal with a banana. What works for you? Any ideas are helpful.

All in all, the trial run went well and I am feeling good. I was insanely sore (the good sore!) after and was for a couple days. It even slowed down my jog I usually do on Tuesday! I do not plan to do the distance again until my 10K, but I am glad I did as I will now be better prepared. Counting down the days!

For those that may have missed it, the race is March 8, 2015 at Knotts Berry Farm. Want to join? Register here!


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2 responses to “Hydration! Apparently It Matters (Duh)

  1. It’s great to watch your progress here Lauren! While on the subject of hydration pay close attention to your body as despite all of the ratios that are posted by a million experts the best hydration plan is to drink water when you are thirsty. Believe it or not the bigger problem with most new runners is too much hydration – that can be far worse. The further you run the more water you need but a happy medium is best. Check out this article:http://www.runnersworld.com/tag/hyponatremia
    Again awesome to see you out there- keep moving.
    Side note: A regular size bottle of Gatorade has 150 Calories which equals around 1.5 miles of effort to burn off so like in “The Last Crusade” ..” Choose Wisely” :))

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  2. Thanks Spensley! Yes. Usually I’m ok with less water, but this distance required a bit more of me. I buy the 12oz Gatorade so it’s only 80 calories. Also I think eating in a sufficient amount of time before this distance will help a great deal. Thank for the article and support! 🙂


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