Froyo Anyone?

A few of you may have gathered, but I love Froyo. What a delicious and slightly lower calorie way to enjoy a sweet treat. One day while perusing Facebook, an ad popped up. For the first time ever, I was actually interested. It was for the most glorious 5K I had ever heard of: Froyo 5K. That’s right, run 3.1 miles and receive the greatness that is frozen yogurt at the finish. Provided by none other than our wonderful west coast chain, Yogurtland.

I saw it the Tuesday before the Irvine event and I registered for it immediately. One, I get froyo at the finish line (#nomnom). Two, look at that spiffy swirly medal! Three, only a 5K! Then when they announced the flavor we would receive, I knew it was meant to be. Birthday cake batter, my all time favorite Yogurtland flavor. Yes, I will be there, please and thank you. Who wouldn’t be excited for the most awesome 5K to ever be created?! Ok fine, the most perfect 5K ever for me.

LighterLauren Froyo5K

(Yes, that’s actually me. A rare sighting of Lauren in the wild. Enjoy this scarce appearance.)

What a blast! And I thoroughly enjoyed my reward. Pretty well organized, very quick and easy check in process, and pretty neat swag. They gave me the sunglasses I am wearing in the picture, as well as some other neat stuff including a Yogurtland coupon (SQUEE!). My average pace was pretty fantastic and is one of the times I mentioned in my previous post. Average of 12:39 per mile. My second my best ever time! Races sure get my adrenaline flowing!

All in all, a very splendidly sweet experience. I highly recommend this race for any and all froyo lovers.

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