Long Distance and New Gear!

Once a month seems to be the trend, and I think I’m ok with that! Life is busy, and life is more important than blogging 🙂

Thank you for all the positive feedback about my Transformation Tuesday picture! I am so encouraged by the support and encouragement. Truly blessed by all the support from friends and family as well. I am almost down 50lbs as of this morning!! I am 0.8lbs shy! Hoping it comes off in the next few days.

My Disneyland Half Marathon training is going really well. Two Saturdays ago I ran 9.52 miles! The thought of doing it was pretty daunting, but I managed to complete the distance. Miles 7 and 8 were the hardest and I slowed down a minute a mile. Finished strong though with an average pace of 13:29 per mile so I am feeling really good about my pace for the half. I need to find a new route to run near my house though. I ran the same 3 miles in circles to complete the 9.5 miles. I get bored doing that. Hopefully I’ll find something by Saturday as I am scheduled to run 11 miles! Ahh! My pace for 2-3 miles has improved a lot so I am hoping I can translate that to the longer runs. Currently I am hovering around 12:15 to 12:30 per mile with 2-3 mile runs. Feeling good!

This last month I’ve purchased some new gear. It is very common for those doing runDisney races to dress up so I have decided for the Disneyland Half that I will dress in a Minnie Mouse theme. It’s traditional and easy and I already have some of it! First item of purchase was a polka dot visor courtesy of Sparkle Athletic. I love having a visor and hardly run without one now! Great investment.

Polka Dot Visor Sparkle Athletic

After much deliberation from unceasing issues, I ditched my Jawbone Up2 and I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR. I was resistant at first to purchase a Fitbit product from all the horror stories I had been hearing. Bands breaking, stretching out and constantly needing new ones, products leaving rashes/burns on skin… It just wasn’t sounding too good to me. So I did some research online and asked everyone I knew that owned one again about their experience with Fitbit. An overwhelmingly positive response! My final decision came down to the Charge vs the Charge HR and I went with the HR simply because of the wrist band. It is far more secure. However, after owning it, I really love the heart rate monitor. It’s such a helpful tool and more data is always good to me! This software is also leaps and bounds above all other trackers. Great app, great web based dashboard, and wonderful social features. So far I am loving my decision!

Jawbone Up2 vs Fitbit: Charge HR

Lastly, it was time for new kicks. I hadn’t realized just how beat up my old shoes were until I went to go purchase new ones. I started notice as my feet hurt during my 9.5 mile run which was unusual. The padding was clearly shot, which was a shame as the rest of the shoe still seemed fine to me. Since I was down almost 50lbs I decided to have them analyze my feet and walk again, just in case. Not surprisingly, everything was the same. The salesman still brought out some other shoes for me to try, however I ended up just purchasing the shoes I already loved. In a new color of course! These are my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 shoes.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

I highly recommend Brooks to anyone looking for new shoes, or even gear! I also recommend getting your feet and walk analyzed, and supporting your local running store! I bought mine from our wonderful local retailer A Snail’s Pace. Great store. I head there first for all my fitness needs.

That’s about all to catch you up on for now! Thanks for reading along. Feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback!

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