My Ever Shrinking Waist

The big day is fast approaching! I’m feeling really good. As part of my training program, I ran 12 miles two Saturdays ago. Wow was that long! I finished, and I finished well! My average pace was 13:17 per mile! My goal of finishing the half in under 3 hours is looking like a reality! This Saturday I will run a practice half as part of my training. I am already psyching myself up and telling my body to get ready. Most of the long distance battle is mental. If you’ve been training properly, your body is ready. You just have to prepare your mind! I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of my practice run!

Let’s talk Transformation Tuesday. I posted another one yesterday, so I thought I would share it here. You guys, this is literally the exact same shirt from my closet. This is 2 years later and 54lbs lighter! WOW! What a difference!


I received so many comments this weekend from friends about how incredible I looked, and now I see it! It’s hard when it’s you and you see yourself every day and all you can see is what you still have left to do. It’s such wonderful perspective to see literally the same shirt. Seeing where it hits on my arms, how much longer it is, how loose it is; it just really helps me see my progress. Confidence and motivation boost!

Thank you again to everyone that has been so incredibly supportive and encouraging along this journey. It has been such a blessing to hear others tell me how I’ve inspired THEM!


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10 responses to “My Ever Shrinking Waist

  1. Fabulous pace! You’re doing great!!

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  2. Well done. You look great!! Check out my blog and follow if you could!

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  3. Way to go – you are looking great! Keep up the good work!

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  4. Thank you Steve!! 🙂


  5. Congrats on the progress- keep up the good work! And good luck with the half 🙂

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