Races Galore and New Pants!

A lot has happened the last two months, and I’m excited to share about it! I can honestly ramble on for hours, so I decided to try to be brief about each thing. Try.

Fun things first! I have completed 5 races already this year! First up was the Star Wars 10K in January which was a blast! Really glad I decided to do that one. I dressed up as Chewie and had some amazing custom Jamberry nails made by Misty. And come on, look at this amazing medal:


Next up was the Princess Half Marathon weekend at Walt Disney World in mid February. I could write gobs and gobs about how amazingly incredible this weekend is to be a part of, but so many others have done much better than I ever will. I had such an amazing weekend with some truly wonderful women and am forever glad I decided to go on this trip. If you are a woman and love running, this weekend is for you. I was brave, and so glad I was, and did all three races this weekend. I did the Princess 5K Friday as Ariel, then Enchanted 10K Saturday as Rapunzel, and the Princess Half Marathon Sunday as Cinderella. For completing the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K and half) I received an extra medal (gotta have that bling!). Once again had some amazing custom nails made by Misty with a little flair for each outfit of mine. I PRed my half by about 5 minutes and felt amazing the whole trip. Please feel free to ask about the weekend as I really love to talk about it, hence I am restraining myself from writing more! Here’s my gorgeous new bling:

Princess half marathon weekend

The final race I completed was the Brea 8K this past Sunday. There was no medal, but there was tons of incredible food at the finish line! Really a fun experience and a great community event. Only downside, there were FOUR hills. Yikes. I was worried about completing it in a good time, but I did great. I wanted to complete it in under and hour, and I did by about 15 seconds. Slower than my usual times, but wonderful for four hills.

Now for some weight loss updates! I gained about 10 pounds over the holidays (sad trombone) and was determined to get it back off. Two things in particular were a huge help in that progress. A wonderful, nerdy Disney group weight loss challenge called the Pooh to Tigger Weight Loss Challenge, started up again for the beginning of the year. I love these Disney nerds and they have been such a huge help and encouragement for me! I also joined a Diet Bet for the month of February. Crazy idea with a vacation and four races, right? Well it sure did the trick! I am down a total of 16 pounds since the New Year, AND I won $60 in the Diet Bet by hitting my goal. BOOM. Thanks wonderful friends for all the motivation and encouragement!

I am officially down 67 pounds total and I couldn’t be better. I went back looking at historical weights and found out my heaviest was actually 3 pounds more than I thought. So I’ve adjusted my apps and tracking. I have had to buy all new pants, again, and just feel so incredible. These last 5 pounds have made all the difference in the world. It feels so good to go into stores knowing that everything will fit me. It’s also a problem, because everything fits me! Before I pretty much could only buy things I could find that fit me. Now, I have become familiar with the struggle that is shopping for women. The struggle is so real! It’s an amazing problem to have and I feel so encouraged and full of life. I often cry when I have to go get a smaller size of something. It’s so good to see my hard work pay off.

Latest Numbers: 67 lbs, 9 inches in my waist, 8.5 inches in my hips, 2 inches in my arms, 2.5 inches in my thighs, and 8 inches in my bust. Big numbers here!

Now, for more fairly exciting news. Originally my overall goal was 80 pounds, and I am going to fly past that with ease. So, I have decided to up my overall goal. I am now shooting for about 115 pounds. This is going to come easy and be amazing. I had a feeling I would be able to lose more than the original 80, however I wanted to set something realistic and go from there. For fun, I would love it if I could lose 131.5 pounds because then I would literally be half of my original size! How cool would that be? But, first things first! I might feel great and fine after the 115 so I shall wait and see.

I feel so incredible you guys. I can’t even begin to explain how much energy I have and how much more I love life. There’s this blogger I loved called Runs for Cookies and her journey is just amazing. Very inspiring for me. She has a page on her site called 100-lbs Gone, and it does a great job of describing how I feel already with 67 pounds gone. My quality of life is amazing and I can’t wait for it to just keep getting better!


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2 responses to “Races Galore and New Pants!

  1. Way to go! Great to read about all your progress!

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  2. That is amazing! Congratulations! And I’m really loving your bling!!

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