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Hydration! Apparently It Matters (Duh)

What a weekend! I completed just shy of a 10K on Saturday (6.1 miles) and did rather well! I also learned quite a bit. I am impressed with myself and proud that I managed to keep my average pace at 14:15 per mile, even with several hills on my walk/run. I finished in 1:26:58 which has me looking good for the real thing. My miles were under 14:00 for the first three, and then the hills came. They did quite a number on me!

Hydration: Folks it’s a serious matter. Nathan Trail Mix 4 Hydration Belt I did not bring enough water for myself and I learned at that distance I could really use a Gatorade as well. After some research on the matter, I purchased the Nathan Trail Mix 4 Hydration Belt pictured on the right. (Click the image for more information.) It took some time to decide how many bottles I wanted, however when the price difference wasn’t too significant to get 4 over 2, I went with 4 bottles.

I usually do not eat before working out, however I know now I will need to make time before the 10K for some grub. Anyone have recommendations for what and when? I’ve read anywhere from an hour to two hours before the race, as well as suggestions such as a bagel and peanut butter or oatmeal with a banana. What works for you? Any ideas are helpful.

All in all, the trial run went well and I am feeling good. I was insanely sore (the good sore!) after and was for a couple days. It even slowed down my jog I usually do on Tuesday! I do not plan to do the distance again until my 10K, but I am glad I did as I will now be better prepared. Counting down the days!

For those that may have missed it, the race is March 8, 2015 at Knotts Berry Farm. Want to join? Register here!


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One Month Until My 10K!

Wow. One month. One month?! Ahh!

One Month Until Knotts Coaster Run

I am excited and worried at the same time. It’ll be great, but it’ll be a first! My times are great right now. On Wednesday (Feb 4) I completed just over 2 miles with an average pace of less than 14 minutes! The test will be to see if I can keep it up for 6 miles. Tomorrow, I plan to complete a 10k to see how well I will do. I plan to try to complete the 6.2 miles several times before the actual race. My goal is to have an average pace close to 14 minutes. Currently, it feels quite achievable! Follow me on twitter to keep up to date as I tweet my activities from RunKeeper. Or feel free to add me on RunKeeper!

I’m feeling great! Let’s do this!

In case you missed it in a previous post, the race is March 8, 2015 at Knotts Berry Farm. Want to join? Register here!

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January Recap

January has been an amazing month!

I am down 3 pounds, which is about 1 pound less than my goal but is still great! I tracked 30 activities during the month and logged 39.2 miles. This amounted to 14 hours, 49 minutes, 5 seconds of time! According to my app, I burned 6,050 calories. Definitely a great month!

froyo at menchiesLet’s talk food. I did indulge a bit, but managed to stay on track. As a reminder, my rules for myself are no pasta, bread or desserts. I may have bites of someone else’s, however I may not order it or make it for myself. I stick to fruit, veggies, protein and fiber. Lastly and most importantly, twice per month I may have ice cream. Well, frozen yogurt once, ice cream once. You have allow yourself little treats here and there along the way to survive. This has been such an amazing lifestyle change for both me and my husband. We eat better, feel better and live better!

Now for some, sizable news! I originally planned to take body measurements on the first of each month, which I started back in November, but time got away from me. I am tracking my waist, hips, thighs and arms. Since November 1, 2014 I have lost 1 inch in my waist and 1 inch in my hips! So far that’s 2 inches in my waist. I can feel the change, and it feels so great!

Exercise is going amazing! Two great records for me this month. Firstly, January 27, 2014 I recorded my fastest average pace to date! It was 14:13 per mile and I completed 2.03 miles that day. For me, this is monumental. I have come a long way from a 16-17 minute mile back in October. It might have been under 13 per mile, but my first mile is still weak. I need to work on a stronger first mile. Secondly, this past Saturday, January 31, 2014, I had quite an amazing morning. I went 4.75 miles with an average pace of 14:30 per mile. I am feeling great for my 10k. That morning, the sunrise was incredible too:

california sunrise

Well I could go on, but I think that’s a great recap for January. It was an incredible month and an outstanding start to the wonderful year of 2015.

Bring on February!

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Pastries and Wine

Happy Monday! I had a busy weekend this weekend eating yummy Danish pastries and tasting wine! We went to wine country as well as Solvang. danish pastry Good times were had by all. Surprisingly, I am still down a pound this morning for the week. Hooray! This might be due to the fact that we also rented a surrey, so I worked it all off? I can dream! So that brings me to 17 lbs since October 1, 2014. I am feeling great. I got in three good workouts again this week. I wish it could have been more, but I am glad that I am able to keep up my minimum. I am able to stay disciplined throughout the week which helps greatly. Next goal is to stay more disciplined on the weekends. I do alright, but I am weak when Danish pastries are involved. This week’s goal is to stay on my regiment over the weekend and to do 4 workouts. Strength training is still going well, I just wish it worked faster 😉

Thanks again to everyone for all of the support and encouragement.

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Monday Fun Day

It’s nice to be forced to have a three day weekend sometimes 🙂 Relaxing, yet also productive.

So, I did a bad thing last week. I had pasta. Bad Lauren! [Sad trombone noise here]. However, I still managed to lose another pound! I guess indulging sometimes is, ok?

I got in three good workouts this week as well. Still my minimum, so I need to step it up and get back to 4-5 per week. Strength training is going well. My arms are still flabby though! Aren’t these results supposed to be instant? LOL Come on muscle, burn that fat!

Speaking of workouts, on Sunday I completed a mile in 14:19 minutes! That is a record for me and I am very excited. I pushed a little too hard to I went a shorter distance than I wanted. However I am very excited about the results and plan to keep pushing. That 10K is soon, so I better step it up!

Thank you to everyone both online and off that is encouraging and supporting me. It means the world and I couldn’t do this without all of you! A special thanks to the most wonderful man in the entire world for being my rock and the best encouragement of all, my husband.

Here’s to a productive week!

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I Miss Sandwiches

It’s been a great week or so already of 2015! I am back to my pre-Christmas weight AND I have lost 1 pound! I got in a 3 really great workouts and a ton of other walking. I have a goal for miles I want to walk this year so I am determined to get up and walk each day. So far, I am making good progress!

This week I saw some friends I had not seen in a few weeks, and everyone noticed a difference. It was very encouraging!

joey friends shower sandwich

The struggle is growing though… The longer I stay disciplined, the better my husband’s sandwiches look. I sure do miss sandwiches. I think Joey Tribbiani and I have a great deal in common. I’m thinking a sandwich is a lovely, tasty reward. Maybe for say, 15 more pounds?

I started my strength routine again this week. These arms of mine are too flabby. Time to tone them!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and support so far! It really means a lot and is a great help.

Did I miss anything?

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Less Than 2 Months to My First Race!

I am still getting the swing of remembering to blog and I forgot something important this week! I have less than two months until my first race! I posted this on Instagram a couple days ago:

Less Than 2 Months Until Knotts Coaster Run

Part of my motivation last fall to get into shape was entering a race. I selected the Knotts Berry Farm Coaster Run 10k as my first race. I am very excited and totally terrified at the same time. I am still working my way up to even doing 6 miles at once. However, my husband and I did hike over 10.5 miles at the Grand Canyon in November, so I think I’ll survive.

My wonderful husband will be there to support me, as well as eat my pie 🙂

The race is March 8, 2015 at Knotts Berry Farm. Want to join? Register here! Don’t want to run? A cheering section is always welcome!

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